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The vessels that sail from the North End Shipyard are owner-operated. Each is distinctive and has its own history, and offers a great vacation experience. 

 The Heritage

Maine's Newest Windjammer

Launched 1983

30 Guests

94 feet on Deck

145 feet over all

Beam 24 feet

Draft 8 feet

Draft with board down, 18 feet

Captains/Owners: Doug and Linda Lee

The Heritage is a working schooner designed along the lines of a 19th century coaster. Though she resembles her ancestors in almost every way, there are important differences. The early coasters were built to carry bulk cargoes of bricks, lumber, locomotives, coal, granite, ice - you name it and they hauled it.

But the Heritage, launched April 16, 1983, was built with the comfort of passengers in mind and meets all Coast Guard requirements. Designed and built at the North End Shipyard by her captains, Doug and Linda Lee, she represents all they've learned from their years of windjamming.

The Schooner Heritage is a member of the Maine Windjammer Association.

 The American Eagle

A National Historic Landmark

Launched 1930

26 Guests

92 feet on Deck

122 feet over all

Beam 20 feet

Draft 11 feet

Captain/Owner: John Foss

One of the great ladies of Gloucester's fishing fleet, the American Eagle was entirely rebuilt at the North End Shipyard for passenger comfort and convenience. First launched June 2, 1930, she spent 53 years fishing, a career that demanded seaworthiness and speed. Captain John Foss, recognizing her fine qualities, bought her in Massachusetts and brought her to Maine in 1984.

Relaunched April 26, 1986, The American Eagle, feels and looks like a new boat. Her fair lines, solid timber and tarred rigging are as they were three generations ago. She is also licensed for international voyages.  We're very pleased with our work and we know you'll enjoy it too.

The Schooner American Eagle is a member of  the Maine Windjammer Association.

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