by W1GQL







On the Air Results

     My first Hexbeam QSO was made on 20 Meters with the Hex sitting on top of a 7 foot ladder in my backyard. The QSO was with Antarctica! Needless to say I was pleased. My first QSO with the 17 meter element was with Japan. I had not heard Japan before on 17. I was sold.

      After I put the Hex up to 28 feet I worked a number of DX stations right off. I worked Madegascar, Reunion Island, St. Helena and South Africa in a few days. ZS1EL, Vidi, in South Africa was happy to take the time to let me do some front-to-back checks. The signals were suffering with some QSB, so he took his time to confirm what he was hearing. He said that my signal varied between S6 and S7 when the Hex was aimed at him and between S3 and S4 when I turned it around. I have had many similar reports of a a 3 S Unit difference. This is what my model told me to expect. I have been pleased.

     On numerous occasions a signal that is really in the "mud" when I first hear it, will come right up to S6 or better when I swing the Hex on it.

     I have also noticed what many Hex users have reported, namely that the Hex is quiet. I have a dipole that I can switch to in order to compare and the Hex is definitely quieter.

     My SWR on the Hex has never been as low as that of the EZNEC modelled Hex. I get low readings of about 1.3 or 1.4 to 1 at the low points. The SWR does stay low as I move up the whole 20 Meter band and beyond.


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