by W1GQL







I'd Like Your Help!

      I would like this website to eventually become a repository for all sorts of information about the Hexbeam, particularly Homebrew Hexbeams. I would very much appreciate anything that you can add to the page. If you can contribute any of the following, please let me know:


  • Pictures of your Hexbeam
  • Spreader Ideas
    • Materials
    • Sources
    • Attachment Methods
    • Lengths
  • Tower/Mast Suggestions
    • How High?
    • Made of What?
    • Guying
  • Feeding Methods
  • Wire
    • Attachment methods
    • Single Band
    • Multi Band
  • Best Dimensions
  • On Air Results
    • DX?
    • Hex to Hex QSOs
  • Hex Related Stories
  • Innovations of Any Type
  • Anything Else You Can Think Of!

I got some of the ideas for the format of this page from Dry-Rain. Check them out!